Daniel Siepmann danielsiepmann

My own nixpkgs (for nix + home-manager). Used for nix on my current Ubuntu Setup. Lives inside ~/.config/nixpkgs

Updated 3 days ago

Integrates server side data privacy conform tracking into TYPO3

Updated 3 weeks ago

Frontend editing for TYPO3

Updated 2 months ago

An practical introduction into Dependency Injection with Symfony Dependency Injection for TYPO3.

Updated 3 months ago

The code for TYPO3 Workshop.

Updated 3 months ago

I'll mirror some feeds (Atom/RSS) into Fediverse via friendica. Some feeds don't deliver content as expected and will be adjusted.

Updated 3 months ago

A small PHP Symfony Console as wrapper around ffmpeg. It allows to cut videos, e.g. remove ads from TV shows.


Updated 4 months ago


Updated 5 months ago

Talk from TYPO3 Camps to present how to get started with Acceptance tests using PHP Codeception

Updated 8 months ago

A vim/neovim color scheme named "smyckblue" which I've adjusted to my needs.

Updated 10 months ago

Vim Plugin to provide Syntax TypoScript (TYPO3 related)

Updated 12 months ago

Neovim plugin to update tags file using ctags

Updated 1 year ago

A follow step by step guide introducing automated testing via PHPUnit

Updated 1 year ago