A small PHP Symfony Console as wrapper around ffmpeg. It allows to cut videos, e.g. remove ads from TV shows.
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A small PHP Wrapper around ffmpeg to make cutting videos easier.

This project provides a single executable file that wraps a Symfony console command. The command itself accepts some arguments to cut out parts of a video file using ffmpeg.

The resulting file will be moved to a dedicated folder structure.

I'm currently developing this for myself in order to remove advertisements from recorded TV shows. I'm using https://www.youtv.de/ to record stuff.


  • Right now this script expects a specific file naming to extract information like season name.
  • Resulting file might be off between sound and video on some players (PS4 and my own TV). Others work fine (Mozilla Firefox and VLC).


  • Generates files very fast, by copying and not re encoding.


Install requirements:

  • PHP 8.2 command line
  • ffmpeg
  1. Download / clone project.
  2. Run composer install --no-dev -o
  3. Execute executable ./cutvideo --help to get instructions on how to use the script.