Integrator optimized f:debug alternative
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TYPO3 f:debug alternative

TYPO3 offers an f:debug ViewHelper to introspect variables. That ViewHelper is a small wrapper around DebuggerUtility of EXT:extbase.

The result of DebuggerUtility is always developer focused. f:debug on the other hand is used within Fluid and should be integrator focused.

This extension provides an alternative to existing f:debug which focuses on integrators.


Run composer req --dev werkraummedia/fdebug:^1.0.


1:1 the original f:debug, no need to change anything. The original ViewHelper is overloaded and not usable anymore.

The goal

Improve usage for integrators. E.g. show data they have access to within Fluid. Don't focus on properties, but actual available info. Inspect methods and public properties. Respect method names.

This should become part of TYPO3 core (by providing a patch) once it is stable enough. Right now it might lack features or break under some circumstances.

Please give it a try and open issues or provide pull requests.

Why an extension?

That allows for usage of ext_localconf.php to overload Fluid namespace f. Also it allows to easily share and update the current state and prevent inclusion into production systems.

Current features

Do not render protected or private properties. These are not available within Fluid.

Render methods which are public and start with get, has or is and don't need any arguments.