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Daniel Siepmann 6dccb84987 Add icons for extension
* Add Icons for extension itself.
* Add Icons for custom records.

Relates: #40
2020-09-23 09:52:22 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 04fcaaaad2 Add XML linting to GitHub CI 2020-08-07 12:43:04 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 33685d1735 Add tracking of record views
Allow Integrator to define rules to track views of records.
This allows to add tracking to extensions like tx_news.
Integrators are able to define matching rules on current request. If a
request matches, the record is stored as individual view beside existing

Relates: #14
2020-07-30 13:52:33 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 44ca6a2d3c Add operating system to page view record
Extract operating system from user agent and store it in database

Another widget is added which displays the page views per operating

An command is provided which will update existing data.
2020-07-29 09:07:43 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 763769b4d2 Add list widget with newest page views
Still very basic, no custom template or fancy information or styling.
2020-02-26 23:05:07 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann b1a7226ed8
Add tracking widgets 2020-02-25 22:35:26 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann 27819c73ef
Add user agent to tracking
To enable fine grained filtering, and detect further bots / crawler to
2020-02-25 22:35:25 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann cece44c735
Add first basic tracking for page views 2020-02-25 22:35:25 +01:00