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Daniel Siepmann bbeeea7f5c Make sql within tests on CI more robust 2023-05-11 09:52:18 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 507176bd23 Allow execution of cs-fixer with PHP 8.2 2023-05-11 09:19:40 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann feeb7d4235 Migrate to php-cs-fixer 2023-04-27 11:12:10 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann cd9cb3f2a8
Support TYPO3 v12.4 LTS (#104) 2023-04-25 09:32:33 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 6f71db0abd
Support TYPO3 v12.3 (#103) 2023-04-03 09:55:26 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 60a1932a71
Support TYPO3 12.2 (#102)
Adjust tests to still work with TYPO3 commit
2023-02-07 12:39:48 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann c14cba6b53
Add PHP 8.2 support (#101) 2023-01-08 15:34:37 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann 9f24518a0b
Support TYPO3 v12.1 (#96)
* Support TYPO3 v12.0

All dependencies are compatible now.
We can update to support v12.0.

This commit will shift TYPO3 support from 10 and 11 to 11 and 12.
See Changelog entry.

Update dev dependencies to our latest best practice.
Auto migrate code base to follow CGL and use PHP 7.4.
2022-12-07 13:37:19 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann 89c4ad0ec0
Bump GitHub Actions checkout to v3 (#98)
As v2 uses old NodeJS which is deprecated.
This change removes warnings from GitHub Actions.
2022-10-24 10:02:38 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 1dbdaac9c6
Support PHP 8.1 (#95) 2022-09-21 13:21:45 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann aad222d197
Remove composer from CI tools when not necessary (#93)
Just a small clean up
2022-09-21 13:15:51 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann e1f3613bb2 Trigger CI on pull_request
Foreign contributions did not trigger the CI.
This change will trigger CI also on foreign contributions (PRs).
2022-08-05 21:11:42 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann c1a23aa538 Allow installation of composer-require-checker again
Require compatible version, no need to be to fancy.
The given version is compatible with same set of combinations.
We still ignore 7.3 as there is no compatible setup.
2022-01-06 08:36:28 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann e55f1da281 Raise from TYPO3 11.4 to 11.5 2021-11-25 09:35:47 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann 17a844b857 Fix GitHub Actions CI
Set COMPOSER_TOKEN in each step, as this broke some when.
Also disable "coverage", to improve speed, inspired from EXT:tea.
Use "include" to remove duplicate jobs with different versions, inspired
from EXT:tea.
Remove caches as they were not properly configured. Maybe add them later
inspired from EXT:tea?!
2021-11-25 09:16:56 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann 5ca8721abb Ensure downgrade works in CI
Merge multiple composer steps into one to circumvent mixed up state.
Otherwise some versions might be locked, preventing downgrades.
Also should save bandwidth and time by only installing dependencies once.
2021-09-17 09:36:59 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 85eab43131 Fix composer Could not authenticate against on CI
2021-09-17 09:36:59 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 8103025899 Support TYPO3 11.4 2021-09-17 09:36:59 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 721b6e5a31 Support PHP 7.3
- Extend CI to test everything against PHP 7.3
- Update composer to allow installation with PHP 7.3
- Remove dependency checker, install loosely within CI to get compatible
  version with actual PHP version.
- Adjust CI to use PHP compatible MySQL versions.

Relates: #69
2021-08-11 12:15:57 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann f3b4ae3c3b Raise from TYPO3 11.2 to 11.3
Only support latest public release of current TYPO3 dev releases.
2021-08-03 10:27:12 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 1c669f52c7 Remove --no-suggest from CI
This is no longer supported by composer V2.
2021-05-24 23:06:34 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann adb73eeffc Switch to ECS for coding style
This allows configuration via PHP.
It also combines code sniffer and php cs fixer.

Used commands:

composer remove --dev squizlabs/php_codesniffer
composer req --dev symplify/easy-coding-standard
./vendor/bin/ecs --fix
2021-05-24 22:11:46 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 3c10aa6d10 Support TYPO3 v11.2 and PHP 8.0 beside current v10.4 and 7.4. 2021-05-19 22:21:17 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann dfa75fb436 Fix broken CI due to unwanted PHP update
Force specific PHP version for all necessary CI steps.
2021-01-07 09:55:24 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann 443e042d82 Remove security checker
It will report old TYPO3 versions which we support, but don't require.
Therefore it does not provide a benefit but breaks builds.
The package is intended for projects, not libraries.
2020-12-01 11:23:23 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann 13cbd3c2a9 Use composer v1 in CI
Not all dev dependencies are v2 ready.

maglnet/composer-require-checker has a dependency to
ocramius/package-versions version which requires v1 composer API.
Once a newer version is required, we can use v2.
2020-12-01 11:23:23 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann 93353630b0 Execute tests with all supported PHP versions 2020-09-23 08:50:27 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 9fe11b300c Extend dependency checker to TYPO3 specific files
Only autoloaded files will be checked by default.
TYPO3 has some additional files which should be scanned as well.
2020-09-16 09:13:29 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 8ecc704cd9 Fetch XSD for xliff from official source 2020-09-16 09:09:58 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 8f755f79f2 Execute tests for MySQL in addition to existing sqlite 2020-08-13 10:11:45 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 204eddf9e1 Fix path to PHPUnit schema
PHPUnit changed path of 9.3 aka current xsd.
2020-08-12 15:38:20 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann f06684c660 Add sensiolabs secutiy checker to ci 2020-08-07 12:43:28 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 2c4db3078d Add php linting
Ensure PHP Code is valid for all supported PHP versions.
2020-08-07 12:43:15 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 04fcaaaad2 Add XML linting to GitHub CI 2020-08-07 12:43:04 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 80055b0642 Split GitHub Actions CI Jobs
It doesn't make sense to place all jobs into a single job.
Instead split them up into single jobs.
2020-08-07 12:10:59 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 5d4b724485 Do not separate unit and functional tests
Both can be run with a single command and configuration.
Therefore merge both configurations into one and adjust CI call.
2020-08-07 10:40:19 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann f3d69eed45 Add multi language support
Allow integrator to limit results in widget to certain languages.
If only one language is allowed, labels will be translated.
Otherwise default system language is used.

E.g. one record will be displayed in multiple languages, it would be
confusing to show him multiple times for each language.

Add TYPO3 extension for phpstan as many things would break within tests.

Relates: #15
2020-08-03 08:46:31 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann d3878d928d Improve CI
* Adjust names of tasks.
* Add composer require checker.
* Install without plugins to not use custom installer and stay
  compatible with require checker.
* Stay phpunit 10 compatible.
2020-04-07 15:32:29 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 60f76b0d9f Use human readable output of phpunit in CI 2020-04-01 20:43:30 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 669d75ce86 Add PHPStan to ensure code quality and prevent bugs 2020-04-01 20:43:30 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 9452e66a51
Add Unittests 2020-02-25 22:35:30 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann d7c07aee79
Add GitHub workflows 2020-02-25 22:35:29 +01:00