Fix wrong recordview example configuration

The `traverse()` function takes two arguments where the 2nd is the full
path with `/` as separator.
The example was wrong and not fully adopted.
The changelog already hold the correct information.

This is now adjusted, thanks to Andrea for reporting the issue.
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Daniel Siepmann 2023-08-23 10:21:07 +02:00
parent 19b7fff24f
commit 5aa08b5e6c

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@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ Let us examine an concrete example::
matches: >
request.getQueryParams()["tx_news_pi1"] && request.getQueryParams()["tx_news_pi1"]["news"] > 0
traverse(request.getQueryParams(), "tx_news_pi1/news") > 0
and not (context.getAspect("backend.user").isLoggedIn())
and not (context.getAspect("frontend.preview").isPreview())
and traverse(request.getHeader("User-Agent"), '0')
@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ Let us examine an concrete example::
and not (request.getHeader("User-Agent")[0] matches "/Wget|curl|Go-http-client/")
and not (request.getHeader("User-Agent")[0] matches "/bot|spider|Slurp|Sogou|NextCloud-News|Feedly|XING FeedReader|SEOkicks|Seekport Crawler|ia_archiver|TrendsmapResolver|Nuzzel/")
and not (request.getHeader("User-Agent")[0] matches "/mattermost|Slackbot|WhatsApp/")
recordUid: 'traverse(request.getQueryParams(), "tx_news_pi1", "news")'
recordUid: 'traverse(request.getQueryParams(), "tx_news_pi1/news")'
tableName: 'tx_news_domain_model_news'
The first paragraph will not be explained, check out :ref:`t3coreapi:configure-dependency-injection-in-extensions` instead.