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Daniel Siepmann c0d988fc89
Fix none working update script
Nix adds errexit and failpipe.
Using head will end in 141 SIGPIPE, see:

I apply the workaround / fix as suggested on StackExchange.

That way the script runs and can execute the cleanup and diff.
3 months ago
Daniel Siepmann d07fd1b491
Keep less generations
I don't need all the old ones
3 months ago
Daniel Siepmann b6f52946e5
Once more try to include nvd in system update 7 months ago
Daniel Siepmann b3889d2e14
Remove nvd from update script
It doesn't work and fails to execute the rest
12 months ago
Daniel Siepmann 60188ff1da
Remove nix-index
It is slow as hell and I don't think I need the benefits.
1 year ago
Daniel Siepmann bfb5e08460
Move custom packages out of overlays
No need for overlays.
Instead create own packages and call them via callPackage.
That will keep them simpler and allows dependency injection.
I can follow existing patterns from nixpkgs, etc.
1 year ago