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Markus Klein 49b452590a [BUGFIX] Initialize API manually 2023-07-07 14:12:15 +02:00
Markus Klein f37a57e46e [FEATURE] Add value picker for skill set selection in content element 2023-07-07 12:55:18 +02:00
Markus Klein be3e3b0362 [BUGFIX] Ignore missing API key exception 2023-07-06 18:34:18 +02:00
Markus Klein 873425c433 [!!!][TASK] Update for TYPO3 11 & 12 2023-07-06 16:39:52 +02:00
Markus Klein 82a0cae534 [TASK] Require phptoolkit 1.2.3 2021-02-19 16:11:46 +01:00
Markus Klein de1c5ccd46 [TASK] Adjust composer branch alias 2021-02-02 11:33:19 +01:00
Markus Klein 1f75390dcd [BUGFIX] Fix broken TcaEnhancer unit tests 2021-02-02 11:22:59 +01:00
Markus Klein d180aeb111 [TASK] Remove discontinued PHP security checker 2021-02-02 10:31:41 +01:00
Markus Klein 1ee52d852b
Merge pull request #10 from SkillDisplay/task/change-extkey
[BUGFIX] Use more precise extension key
2021-01-29 11:37:38 +01:00
Markus Klein 9f43ea427b [BUGFIX] Use more precise extension key
To avoid name clashes we use a more precise extension key.
Also the namespace is adjusted accordingly.

Resolves: #8
2021-01-29 10:32:30 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann 01d25e4c49
Allow creation of content elements
Content elements could not be created, since they needed campaigns.
In order to retrieve campaigns, the API needs to be created.
The API needs settings from current site, which is not available in that

Therefore the factory is extended to also fetch site and their settings
based on page uid. The page uid is available in the context.

Since we now interact with guzzle, we add the dependency.
Wouldn't be necessary if SDK would have PSR compatible type hints.

Also tests were added for code, to keep code coverage.

Fixes: #5
2021-01-23 15:53:07 +01:00
Markus Klein 5d5c502794 [FEATURE] Add campaign selection to content elements 2020-12-01 12:39:53 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann 060d432f15
Adjust dependency to released toolkit version
As the released version now contains all necessary features.
2020-10-19 14:51:59 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 101d2fb3e4
Switch to TYPO3 testing framework base
Now that all incompatibilities are resolved, we can use the testing
framework of TYPO3.
2020-10-05 08:28:14 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann d123d5219e
Add unit tests 2020-09-24 08:39:53 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 6e47f165e9
Add PHP 7.2 compatibility
Also ensure code works in all compatibilities via GitHub Actions.
Also add further checks like XML compatibility, CGL, etc.
2020-09-22 13:27:52 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann da3aed135c
Add content element "skills"
Allow editors to add new content element "skills".
The element contains an input for a comma separated list of skill IDs.
A preview in backend is shown.
Frontend rendering is provided.
2020-09-22 10:37:24 +02:00