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Daniel Siepmann 676dee2b36
Add new wrapper to start system session 2024-07-08 15:01:52 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann c5a955c396
Add hibernate
As hikari3 is configured with swap and hibernate support.
Saves energy.
2024-07-03 22:07:40 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 496f3687b3
Exclude fwupdmgr on hikari
As this wouldn't work. It is a Mac.
2024-07-01 20:02:06 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 4bba9951df
Add first wrapper to watch syslog entries 2024-06-27 15:38:28 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann f3f8016fb2
Extend integration of syslog/journalctl for TYPO3 projects
Also provide custom command as wrapper around the output as first step.
2024-06-27 08:05:49 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann e529635f29
Get rid of no longer used hikari2 2024-06-25 11:11:49 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann da8b3319dc
Adjust path to TYPO3 configuration
No more need to use path to user folder.
2024-06-24 07:16:00 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann c673e5f2c6
Update microsoft teams plugin for purple (pidgin) 2024-06-24 07:15:59 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 8c5127aa45
Add fwupd to hikari3
In order to update firmware and bios.
2024-06-19 07:53:42 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 4aff325de4
Fix typo 2024-06-12 19:55:46 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann fa80faefdc
Add hikari3 2024-06-12 10:37:35 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann d9ba963dad
Migrate explicit imports to home manager imports
That way I do not need to explicitly provide dependencies.
But home-manager will pass all the special args.
2024-05-30 14:11:08 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 4a6b4b8f1c
Migrate hostname detection
Define it as variable instead of function.
Pass variable and do individual checks instead of function call.
2024-05-29 16:32:07 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 56fed868b0
Streamline formatting of function arguments 2024-05-29 09:50:32 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann bb4c0753f1
Optimize updates and cleanups
Ensure old entries are deleted to free up disk space and inodes.
Ensure to optimize in the end, in order to free up disk space and
2024-05-27 22:21:07 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann fac58895ab
Revert "Store less generations"
This reverts commit eabfb55de4.

The issues doesn't seem to be the number of generations,
but that nixos itself keeps all channels as gc roots.
This prevents proper cleanup of old channel data.
2024-05-26 22:01:14 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann eabfb55de4
Store less generations
They consume inodes and disk space.
And I in general only need the last two.
2024-05-23 14:47:00 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 4e01ec1044
Switch from config to inline settings for vpn
That way I can get rid of another dependency to a file.
2024-04-10 11:26:07 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann d9f5bb36ab
Provide a command to serve a TYPO3 testing instance
This is useful in order to remember the actual command.
The necessary environment arguments need to be set.

This can be executed from within a functional-* folder.
2024-04-03 09:31:17 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 09a81da417
Migrate shell alias for TYPO3 git push to custom command
To streamline the setup, as other things are also commands instead of
2024-03-14 09:07:44 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann dbf35c677e
Add new TYPO3 documentation rendering based on phpDocumentor
Keep old rendering as some projects are not migrated yet and need the
old rendering.
2024-03-14 07:22:30 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann 80a6184ad1
Use proper Nix versions in purple plugins 2023-10-19 19:55:46 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann b72441d4bb
Remove customer specific shell into customer project 2023-10-18 15:15:29 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 652dbf9e39
Remove nix store optimise
As this only frees up a little amount of memory.
2023-10-18 12:08:12 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 96c9150e4a
Add reuter VPN 2023-10-11 09:24:43 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 467ce2fdde
Add custom zcat wrapper which adds an ETA progress
Useful when importing large database dumps.
2023-08-17 11:26:41 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 5c074b36ef
Update hash 2023-07-11 09:01:29 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 8abf04faa2
Migrate to upstream phpactor
This got merged upstream and I'll use the official version now.
2023-06-19 10:50:24 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 3b1bf7f698
Migrate from docker to podman (compose)
As this is rootless, daemonless and can be maintained via home manager
instead of system.
2023-06-14 07:34:06 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 64f95249ab
Switch to native upstream rst2pdf 0.100 2023-05-14 18:56:37 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann a7d4a5c51b
Adjust image repository for T3 docs rendering
They moved from docker hub to GitHub registry.
2023-05-11 08:31:33 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 6dd42eb8b7
Remove sitediff
It was a try to custom bundle the tool.
I don't use it often and it seems like a mess.
2023-05-02 13:49:40 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 71da7bc98f
Revert "Use upstream phpactor"
As the fetched version causes system crash and high cpu usage.

This reverts commit bd6c8adb7f.
2023-04-11 08:38:39 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann bd6c8adb7f
Use upstream phpactor
phpactor was added to upstream.
This only included the lsp usable package, not vim plugin.

I no longer need my own build script as I now use the upstream version.
That way I benefit from all the maintenance and updates.

I use the package source to build the neovim plugin.
2023-04-11 07:43:26 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann a3ebd243a8
Use podman for t3 docs rendering but docker-compose everywhere else
podman-compose has some issues on ubuntu and with volumes.
I'll keep docker-compose.

But I prefer podman for t3docs rendering as it doesn't fuck up the file
2023-04-06 13:52:54 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 34ecfaccdc
Support multiple EXT:solr cores 2023-04-04 09:24:20 +02:00
Daniel Siepmann 9eb7d873a4
Remove none working commented out mytop 2023-03-16 09:52:14 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann e75183a836
Update purple microsoft 2023-03-16 09:51:24 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann d1ec08d755
Move custom packages into own default.nix and load all at once
This separates foreign packages and custom ones.
2023-03-16 08:40:10 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann bb64b6d859
Streamline push etckeeper and os update
The os update and backup now include etckeeper as its part of the
The os updates now have the same name on all systems. That should reduce
friction, same command for same workflow, just different implementation.
2023-03-16 08:38:16 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann 571baffdf9
Remove no longer used composer 1 package
I use shell.nix files for projects where I can pin the version.
But we also don't have any project with composer 1 anymore.
2023-03-14 08:47:32 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann 12daec4075
Update outdated todo
This won't be fixed, I have another workflow.
2023-03-13 07:44:56 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann c0d988fc89
Fix none working update script
Nix adds errexit and failpipe.
Using head will end in 141 SIGPIPE, see:

I apply the workaround / fix as suggested on StackExchange.

That way the script runs and can execute the cleanup and diff.
2023-03-07 15:46:46 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann 328591c15f
Remove no longer needed dmenu scripts
I now migrate to shell.nix.
And I've now enabled xdebug all the time within webserver (php-fpm).
2023-03-07 08:02:21 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann bd175bcdf7
Ensure target folder for T3 docs exists
podman will not work if it is missing.
2023-03-01 08:55:10 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann 8e5195fb99
Fix broken docker image name when using podman 2023-02-28 20:20:44 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann d07fd1b491
Keep less generations
I don't need all the old ones
2023-02-24 11:52:43 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann a6166e0d80
Fix wrong paths for php 8.2 xdebug on ubuntu 2023-02-22 14:29:38 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann c616820b43
Switch to nativeBuildInputs where possible
This is used during build while buildInputs is used for runtime.
2023-02-22 13:59:25 +01:00
Daniel Siepmann e38beec96f
Improve sql connection for custom project
It should use my own user, but that won't work on ubuntu right now.
2023-02-20 13:43:23 +01:00