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TYPO3 Extension to integrate SkillDisplay
Display Skills & SkillSets from SkillDisplay as TYPO3 Content Elements
This TYPO3 extension integrates SkillDisplay into TYPO3 installations.
This TYPO3 extension allows to show SkillDisplay Skills & SkillSets in TYPO3 installations.
Right now it provides the following features:
* Show job requirements based on official certification and expert definitions on your website
* Visualize the curriculum of a training your agency provides
* Display the requirements for official certification (on official pages or your intranet websites)
You can list the skills as content elements one by one, or use SkillSets for grouping purposes (see scenarios above).
All public SkillSets available on the SkillDisplay platform (e.g.: Certification curriculums, etc.) are automatically available for use in this extension.
To use custom SkillSets you either need a business account on the official SkillDisplay platform, or host the Open Source SkillDisplay Core Extension on your own TYPO3 instance.
Right now this extension provides the following features:
* Content element to render one or more skills.